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 Aisetele camp near lake Aisetas             beach near lake Aisetas in camp Aisetele

Aisetas tourist camp Aisetėlė is near one of longest Lithuanian lakes Aisetas in Utena district and  Molėtai parish near Paeisetė II village.

Campsite is in forest near Lake Aisetas, to go camping with tents, swimming in lake, fishing, kayaking. There are outdoor tables, WC, places for fire.
Rent of camping tents, kayaks, boats, bicycles, fishing equipment - fish finder.

How to reach us: from Molėtai/Lithuania driving directions to Route 2818, 23.1 km – about 25 min A14 . Slight right at Route 114 , 1.4 km . Turn left at A14  Utena direction and after 5.8 km  turn right at Route 2822 (signs for Toliejai) 10.9 km . Continue till Pašekščiai, near Pašekščiai Bus stop, turn right and after 100 m again turn right after  400 m (sign for Paeisetė II) turn left and continue 1,2 km to Paeisetė II.

Please contact by phone +370 68779295 , +370 69882001 or by e-mail info@aisetas-camp.eu before arriving.
It is possible to organize Yours round trip to visit us.





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Arcgis web map


bream and bass from lake Aisetas                        boat in lake Aisetas     swimming in lake Aisetas 
summer house near lake Aisetas in camp Aisetele               

Tourist and sport inventor for rent:



Awaiting Your visits.



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